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Laura Macintyre is a Wayne State trained painter and potter.   For the whole of her career, she has been inspired by the urban environment of Detroit and by the abundant nature that lives within the city.  Its this seeming contrast of environments that fuels her thinking.


She is particularly interested in how modern human life effects the systems and rhythms of the natural world.  As an urban environment, Detroit has history of being a thriving natural landscape that was superimposed by industry, only to see that industry decline and the natural world begin to resurface.  Her paintings explore the intersection between industrial decline and the reemergence of the natural world and what it means for both parties on both a micro and macro level.


Her sculptural work explores this same intersectionality but through practice rather than outcome.  She uses the modern, human, industrial process of mass production to form her works but she does this by using the simple materials and energy sources that can be found ready made in nature.  


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